Welcome to GAMBLING CONCERN (Edinburgh)

Our organisation started in 2008 by a group of Chinese Christians who cared and wanted to help people being affected by gambling. They witnessed how some people were ruined/damaged by gambling and how their life had changed after being rehabilitated with support from friends and the Christian faith. Our objectives are to continue this good work and help those who are addicted by gambling or their family, through face-toface support and care, various activities (recreational or educational) and advices, to rebuild their life and relationship.


A regular meeting is held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month in Davidson’s Main Parish Church. It provides our members with an opportunity to meet others, share their experience and support others’ needs in a group setting. For those required individual support we offer and run a Rehabilitation programme and one-to-one counseling.

We have a team of dedicated volunteers who can actively outreach to the community or home visits to those unable to attend our meetings.

We also have volunteers who can provide welfare and money advice for those or the family under financial stress.

Each Summer, we organise “Happy Factory” a children’s activities day camp which aims to educate and raise awareness amongst young people of the damage that gambling has on personal and family life.

Please contact us if you worry about a friend or a member of your own family who may be troubled by gambling.

Support Us

Gambling Concern (Edinburgh) has limited resources and all our services are run by volunteers. We have not received any grant or funding. Please Support us by donation.