Mrs A’s story

A man can become a different person because of “Gambling”.

He had a good job with good income. He was responsible and respectable. He was loved by his family and doing really well in Hong Kong.

After he befriended with some gamblers and got hooked with their habits, however, he changed into a different person. He no longer cared for his home, his family, his children and even his own health! His debts built up and made the family life a hell. After paying some of the debts in a few occasions, the family couldn’t manage any more. He broke everyone’s heart, including the children’s! His story was ended by being diagnosed and killed by liver cancer. But the family’s nightmare had been continued with his debts, the sorrow, and the broken hearts.

Mr B’s story

I am happy again when I quitted gambling!

When I was addicted to gambling, my life was like a hell. During the day, I laboured in the restaurant kitchen. At nights, I was indulged in the casino. It was like that every day. My children were unable to see their father and my wife quietly waited at home. I gave them nothing but disappointment. When I believed in Jesus and became a Christian, however, I was given an opportunity to rebuild my life. I stopped going to the casino and spent more time with my family, to be a father and a husband.

Now I am a very happy man and would like to share my experience how he faith had helped me. I hope you can have the same blessing like me.

Pastor Tang’s sharing

A friend told me that he was in financial difficulty because he hadn’t got much luck recently in gambling. I was anxious about them and pretty worried for their future. I knew the problems would never be resolved if he couldn’t break from the addiction, and Jesus was the only one with the power to save him. So I prayed for him constantly. Amazingly, he realised the troubles of gambling and decided to stop it. They also got some help to manage the debts issues. Eventually he quitted gambling and became a Christian, starting a new and happy life.

This is not a story of one person, but similar stories of a number of people, who were addicted to gambling and had various problems. But Jesus has saved them and given them a new life. If you are troubled by gambling addiction or had other related problems, We would like to help you, too. Contact us Now!